Wildwood Outdoor Escape
Rules of conduct

Conduct of children and guests is the responsibility of the party paying camping fees.  Refrain from: Walking through someone else’s campsite; Riding a bicycle recklessly or after dark; Using profane language; Cutting trees or limbs from trees; Vandalism of any sort.  Children under the age of 9 years of age must be accompanied by an older child or adult in recreation building.

Speed lmiit is 5 mph throughout the campground.  This is the speed of a very fast walking person.  Violators will lose driving privilege in campground and become fast walking people.

Parking is available on your campsite for 2 vehicles. Parking on unoccupied sites or on another camper’s site is prohibited.   Additional vehicles must park in designated overflow parking areas.

Golf carts are permitted for an annual registration fee of $25.00 along with a copy of proof of liability insurance (your policy’s declaration page). Drivers of golf carts must be licensed in the state they reside and all golf carts must have head lights and tail lights.  Total persons riding is not exceed the capacity the cart is designed for. Golf carts will observe the 5 mph speed limit and be operated on the roads after dark.  Violators will receive 1 verbal warning; additional infractions will result in removal of cart for rest of the season.

Other non-licensed powered vehicles are prohibited from use on campground property.  They include (gas or electric) motorized bikes, riding toys, scooters, ATV’s, go carts, etc. 

Pets are to be kept on a maximum 7 foot leash at all times.  Pet’s feces clean up at campsite or while walking is pet owner’s responsibility.  Pets must be tended to at all times and kept from disturbing other campers (this includes barking).  Pets are prohibited in all buildings, in or around lakes, or tied to trees

Fires are to be in grills or fire rings.  Campfires with flames reaching over 4 foot tall will be asked to be extinguished.  Fire must be supervised until it has burned down.  A $100.00 fee will be imposed for relocating fire ring

Non-quiet time noise i.e. music, voices, vehicles, pets, etc. must be kept at reasonable levels.  Excessive noise is prohibited.
Quiet time is from 11:00 PM to 8:00 AM.  Children must be at campsite.  Conversation should be hushed tones, and music of any kind is prohibited.

Public intoxication that creates a nuisance, diminished self control, or a disturbance to others will lead to law enforcement’s involvement and ejection from the property.  Alcohol must remain at campsite

Possession or use of firearms, illegal drugs, or contraband will be reason for immediate removal from campground.  Weapons such as BB guns, sling shots, bows and arrows, etc. are strictly prohibited.

Visitors of guests must register at office before entering campground.  Up to 2 adults and 3 non-married children under the age of 23 are accommodated per campsite.  Additional visitors of guests will be charged a day fee of $1.00 or an overnight fee of $3.00.  Please see swimming and fishing for other optional fees.

Fishing is included with campsite fee and is available to all visitors of guests for an additional fee of $5.00 per day.  Fishing is permitted only in Willow Lake during daylight hours.  Worms or artificial lures may be used (use of live minnows is restricted) as bait.  Fishing from the island, the bridge, or within 20 feet of the bridge is prohibited.  Catching frogs & turtles is prohibited. 

Swimming is included with campsite fee and is available to all visitors of guests for an additional fee.  All State regulated rules posted at pool will be enforced.  Children 17 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when using the pool.  Pool hours vary and are posted at front desk.  
Water usage for portable swimming pools, sprinklers or water recreation is prohibited.
Disposal of campsite trash is guest's responsibility.  Trash is prohibited from being placed and burned in fire rings.  All trash must be bagged (boxes broken down) and placed inside the dumpster with the “fly” doors closed.  Large items such as appliances, carpets, mattresses etc. should be disposed of elsewhere. Ask the office where to dispose of leaves, limbs, grass clippings, ashes etc.

Disposal of black or gray water must be done at the dump station.  Disposal into a public toilet is prohibited.  Disposal on the ground is in violation of state health codes and will result in fines and eviction. Hoses attached to drain caps are prohibited and will be confiscated.  All units connected to a campground sewer must use a seal and be connected securely to prevent the escape of sewer gas or inflow of surface water.  Dripping or leaking valves must be repaired immediately.

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